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During my first and second year at the University of Glasgow I was studying the Python/Java as my main programming languages. Later on, during my fourth year, I was a lab tutor for Level 1 students that were learning Python. It was quite interesting to see how other students are tackling the problems I had to solve when I was in my first year.

This page includes some of the programs I've written for Java when I was at uni such as the games Tetris, Snake, Hangman and a few useful tools like anagram and palindrome checkers.

In addition to the applets mentioned above, I did spend quite some time on doing self-defined projects which I have shared here as well. Some of them are a Solar system simulator, a Risc32 emulator, MP3Fix which is a program that fixes the names of MP3 files based on their ID3 tag and a format string, and a few others.