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Welcome to the Downloads page of the website. Here you can download some of the programs that I've created using Python and Java. I do make sure to check each one of them before actually uploading it here and make sure that it works correctly. If you find/experience problems with any of the apps. please contact me so that I can try and fix it as soon as possible.


This is my Java tetris project which yu can try out in the Java applets page of the site.

Download link: JTetris_setup


This is a Java based version of the Snake game. Basically, the principle is the same as the Python game. The main differences are: you can customize the snake appearance, you can set the number of apples and you can actually view the program's source code while playing it. I'm using another program I've made before - JSourceViewer. It allows the user to view the source.

Download link: JSnake_setup

Tower of Hanoi

This is my version of the 'Tower of Hanoi' game. It's written in Python and the algorithm is one of the basic ones when a programmer learns about recursion - it's not hard, but is very logical. The goal is to move the tower from the first column to any of the other ones with the least number of moves. I've included an auto-solve feature so that you can see how it should be solved. You can also adjust the speed of auto-solving and set the level of difficulty, i.e. the number of disks to move.

Download link: TOH_setup


I'm really happy with this one. I enjoy playing Microsoft's minesweeper and I figured I could try and do one myself.

Download link: Minesweep_setup

Cows and Bulls

This is one of the first games I wrote in Java. Here's how it works - the game starts with the computer picking up a number between 1 and 9999. The goal of the game is to guess the number by using the least number of tries. Each time you make a guess the computer tells you the number of cows and bulls you have, i.e. cows - the number of correct digits in the correct position and bulls - the number of correct digits in incorrect position. I hope you like it.

Download link: CandB.jar

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Tank Combat

Tank Combat basically is a 2-player shooting game. Each player controls a tank and the goal is to destroy the opponent's tank. The game is turn-based and each tank can be configured, i.e. you can increase/decrease the initial velocity, the cannon angle and move the whole tank forwards and backwards. The game's written in Python and I didn't use pyGame for it. It was quite hard to figure out, especially the projectile motion of the bullet. Anyway, if you experience any problems please contact me so that I can fix them quickly. The link below leads to the installation setup for the program. Simply click on it and the download should start automatically.

Download link: TC_setup


Tic tac toe is probably one of my favorite games. It is really simple to implement - took about 3-4 hours and that's just because of the GUI part. Anyway, programming the A.I. was a bit hard because in a well designed tic tac toe game the computer never loses. I think I managed to make it impossible to beat the PC, so you can give it a try and tell me what you think.

Download link: TTT_setup


Racquetball game written in Python. The program itself was not hard to implement. I've actually made it simpler for the player because the pad can be controlled by just using the mouse.

Download link: RacquetBall_setup

Su DoKu Solver

A simple sudoku solver written in Python. We were doing something like this at uni. so I figured I could try to do a GUI for it and here it is. All you have to do is simply enter the numbers of the puzzle in the grid and click 'Solve' and it should solve it. It doesn't solve every sudoku though, the really hard ones are kinda hard to program - like if you have less than 16 numbers etc. because there can be more than one solution to it.

Download link: Sudoku_setup


A Python interpretation of one of the most popular games ever - Snake. You can control the snake by using nothing but the mouse, which I think makes it so much easier to handle. The speed can also be configured by using the left mouse button to increase it and the right mouse button to decrease it.

Download link: SnakeIII_setup


Here's the long awaited calendar program. It was my team's project and it is finally completed. It is a pretty large program so it may contain bugs. I tried to test it thoroughly but I'm still not completely sure it works correctly. It allows for simple event creation, event reminding, editing event recurrence, etc. Basically it provides the same functionality as Google's calendar with some limitations. 

Download link:  Calendar_2.0.1_setup

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Mp3 Fix

Finally I finished this program. This is a .mp3 fixing tool - it fixes the titles of mp3 files by reading their ID3 tag. Simply select a folder and the program loads the mp3 files from that folder and changes their names according to the configuration string in the Options tab. You can change that string so that the desired effect is achieved. The tool recognizes the author, the title, the album name, the track number and the year of release. 

Download link:  Mp3Fix_setup

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Mp3 Fix video tutorial at

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Su Doku

This is my Su Doku program. Basically it is a sudoku generator and a sudoku solver at the same time. You can specify the number of hints and also print the generated puzzle on paper. The program can solve every sudoku puzzle relatively quickly and the puzzle generation is almost immediate as well.

Download link: Sudoku_setup

 Su Doku video tutorial at

Su Doku antivirus scan report at

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Solar System Simulator

As the name suggests, SSS is a program that simulates the movement of the planets in the solar system. I wrote a similar one in Python but I made some improvements in this version ( written in Java ) like an animated sun, asteroid belt, better planet graphics, satellites and planet orbits. Below is the download link for the program.

Download link: SSS_setup

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JSource Viewer

This is a really useful application for me. It can display program source code. Simply enter the language specifications - like key words, comment symbols, etc. and open the desired .txt file containing the source code. All key words and comments should be colored and displayed properly. I am using this program to allow the user to see the source code for my programs while using them. Below is the download link for the setup.

Download link: JSV_setup

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Risc32 is an assembler and emulator for a simple 32 bit architecture. The program is written in Python and is quite hard to program. You can find a complete documentation and examples in the Help menu.

Download link: Risc32_setup

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Media Player

A simple .mp3 player written in Java. This is still version 3.2.0 of the program so there could be bugs and problems with it. I would be grateful if you contact me should you find anything wrong with it.

Download link: MediaPlayer

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JSort Simulation

JSort is a program I developed while we were studying the basic data sorting algorithms. It uses four basic ones: Bubble sort, Insertion sort, Merge sort and Quick sort. The program shows how each one sorts the data and it is easy to see the difference in their speeds. You can set the data size as well.

Download link: JSortSimulation

A* Pathfinder

This is a simple GUI to demonstrate the A* pathfinding algorithm. All you have to do here is set the start and end points in the grid by right-clicking and choosing the appropriate option, maybe add some walls by left-clicking on the squares and click the find path button to see the algorithm in action. I've included both the Python and Java versions ( the P. version is older but it still works ).

Download link: Python_setup    Download link: Java_setup

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Java Calculator

This is my calculator program. It has all the features you would expect including the ability to change between simple view and scientific view. Below is the setup for the application.

Download link: JCalc_setup

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PyPaint is a drawing program - something like MS's Paint but it has less features. You can draw different shapes on the canvas, save\load files and set the shape thickness. It is one of my early Python programs so it has less functionality. Below is the installation setup for it.

Download link: PyPaint_setup

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Day of the Week

A program to calculate the day of the week. One of my lab assignments was to create a program that calculates the day of the week given a date so I decided to make a user interface for it as well and here it is. It's relatively simple to program and even simpler to use - enter a date in the fields and a message saying what day of the week it is or will be should pop up. Again, the program comes in a .jar file so you'll need the JVM installed.

Download link: DayOfTheWeek

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Caesar's Cipher

This is a simple application for coding and decoding using Caesar's cipher. You can view more info about the cipher here. Below is the .jar file for the program - simply click the link to download it. You should have the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed to use it.

Download link: CaesarCypher

 Caesar's Cipher Simulator video tutorial at

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