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Project - Sparkler

Posted by Georgi Christov on June 4, 2014 at 10:50 AM

Sparkler is one of my first Android apps in the Play Store. Basically it's an app that allows you to cut the device screen with your fingers. It simulates metal being cut by animating sparks flying around and showing heat trails. Here's the Play Store description:

Sparkler is a fun new app that allows you to cut through metal with your fingers. Turn you device into a piece of metal and cut through it as if you were using a metal grinder. The included sound and vibration effects make the experience even more realistic. Furthermore, you can select different backgrounds or choose your own image. Also, you can make the background transparent and cut the device screen itself.


Application features:

 * cut through metal using your fingers;

 * realistic sound and vibration effects;

 * multi-finger support;

 * change background with picture or one of the built-in metal backgrounds;

 * remove the background and cut the actual device screen;

 * particle physics makes the gravity of the sparks to depend on the current device angle;

 * configure the app's effects for slower devices.

Here's the link to the app -

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