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About me

I am a Mobile Software Developer at Proxiad Bulgaria. I love making apps for mobile devices and my passion is working with the Android and iOS operating systems. I have worked on various different projects in the past few years and the largest one so far is my individual project from my fourth-year at uni -

As part of my MSci degree at the University of Glasgow, I worked for IBM and developed a remote control application for Android and iOS which is able to take full remote control (where possible) of the device. I have also worked on the controller side of this system which allows users to control their PC from iPads and Android tablets. My main roles included porting management products from Desktop computers (C/C++) to both iOS (Objective-C) and Android (Java) and also from iOS to Android, designing and implementing the apps for both systems, as well as evaluating the final Android product with a user experiment.

I enjoy working in a team, I like challenges and I am constantly improving my development skills by undertaking various projects, some of which can be found on my website - In addition, during my fourth year at uni, me and my supervisors D. McGookin and S. Brewster published a paper on location awareness for mobile devices which was related to my project at that time -

Finally, I have also worked on different server applications both designed by me and commercial. The servers I have worked on were mostly Java-based and they were communicating with a MySQL server for data storage. Also, I have working knowledge of Servlets and the Apache Tomcat.

Contact details

Phone: +359 887 370 228